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Circuit n°3 In and around Chiers, Crusnes and Spincourt

From Grand-Champ to the Meuse, the armies exchanged continuous fire. The rolling hills and nearby woods were used strategically to bring the enemy within closer reach. Few traces remain of these clashes. The villages have been rebuilt and nature has
reclaimed its territory.

The surprisingly beautiful countryside is defined by the two rivers, which are rich in fauna and fauna. To this day, memories of summer 1914 live on in the charming villages of Lorraine.

Length of circuit : 60 KM

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  • 14. National Necropolis of Grand Champ
  • 15. German Necropolis
  • 16. National Necropolis of Pierrepont
  • 17. Cemetery of Arrancy-sur-Crusnes



The agenda is an invaluable tool and will help you organise your weekends during the Great War centenary year. It will also enable you to take part in free commemorative and festive events, by providing you with an exclusive à la carte programme!

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Visit our region and the surrounding area

After the Great War, which began 100 years ago, all that remained of this region were battlefields and destroyed villages. In the same place, you will now find idyllic landscapes and picturesque villages. In order to help you visit the region, the CHEMINS DE MEMOIRE project has developed 10 CIRCUITS, ranging from 35 - 80 km. As you pass along the trails, information points will help you find out more about the special and little known history of the Battle of the Frontiers.
You can pick up a free map from the region's tourist offices.

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